The massive debate: Is it time to kill off trophy looking?

Advocates of trophy looking wish to argue that the funds raised are important for conservation. But a picture of a gurning businessman along with his foot on a prostrate elephant sends a message so anti-conservation it may virtually function the brand.
Optics matter, as these posting their trophy pictures perceive; it’s not essential whether or not they’re an excellent hunter, simply that they seem like one. And the exploitative, neocolonialist overtones on this objectionable observe, just like the carcass of an inexpertly killed creature mendacity within the African solar, positively reek.
Trophy looking is justified as a revenue-raiser, nevertheless it will also be economically harmful, snuffing out its extra palatable, sustainable different: photograph tourism. There have been renewed requires boycotts of Botswana final week by these sickened by the sight of the slaughtered tusker.
The identical occurred in Zimbabwe in 2015 when 15-year-old Cecil, a totem of tourism, was shot by a dentist with a glorified bow and arrow, to be completed off 12 agonising hours later. As one Instances commenter put it final week: “I’m now contemplating cancelling a £12,000 vacation to Botswana. Perhaps the federal government can put that of their enterprise case.”

We hear that trophy looking isn’t driving any species to extinction, like that’s a benchmark to aspire to. Or, from the hunters themselves — soppy altruists that they’re — that their funds are doing good for native communities. So why not pay that neighborhood $50,000, shoot the beast with a digital camera and let it proceed on its method luring and enthralling numerous others?
Lead Picture: Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania – GETTY IMAGES.
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