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The African Dwarf Frog is an amazing amphibian that has gain tremendous popularity in the past couple of years. This frog, as the name suggests, is a Dwarf species that only grows up to 2.5″. African Dwarf Frogs are very peaceful and make a great addition to any aquarium. Keep in mind that this frog, due to its small size, should not be kept with any big fish or it may become an easy pray.

– Great scavengers;
– Amazing lifestyle – They are very active whether its daytime or nighttime;
– Safe for planted tanks.

African Dwarf Frogs are carnivorous so they should be fed any meaty foods such as blood worms or brine shrimp.

Tank size(Minimum): 10 Gal
Care level: Very Easy
Temperature: 65-82
PH: 6.4-7.8
GH: 6-8
KH: 2-12
Max. Size: 2.5″

100% Live arrival guarantee.We guarantee that your animals will arrive healthy and in the best state possible! Please keep in mind that Live Arrival Guarantee will only guarantee that your animal will be alive upon arrival. We don’t guarantee that you will be successful at keeping them and this is because of the fact that your aquarium might not have the perfect environment to keep this species.

African Dwarf Frogs are very easy maintenance amphibians that can be kept in a small 10 gallon tank.
These Dwarf Frogs only grow to about 2.5″ and can be kept with small and non-aggressive fish, top-dwelling fish.
GREAT COLORATION – Dwarf African Frogs are light brown in color with black dots sprinkled all over the body.
100% LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE! – See bellow for details.

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African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochirus curtipes) Live – Aquarium Plants


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