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T rex, or Tyrannosaurus rex, is a species of carnivorous, theropod dinosaur that lived in what’s now the western United States throughout the Late Cretaceous. With an estimated size of as much as 13 meters / 43 ft, T. rex is likely one of the largest land predators that ever lived. T-rex lived alongside a number of different well-known dinosaurs, together with Triceratops and Ankylosaurus.T Rex: The Final GuideThis web page is the final word information to T Rex. Proceed studying to seek out out all you might want to know concerning the world’s most well-known dinosaur, together with: when and the place T Rex lived, what it ate, whether or not or not it had feathers, and… what was the cope with these tiny arms?Free Printable T. Rex Worksheet PDF To DownloadTest your T. rex data with this FREE printable T Rex Worksheet. Click on right here or on the picture under to obtain your copy. (No sign-up required.)Printable T Rex Worksheet pdf. Click on on the picture above to obtain your copy (no sign-up required)Web page IndexRelated PagesT Rex StatsT. Rex DescriptionT rex was a big, predatory dinosaur. It stood on two muscular hind legs, and had a well-built physique and lengthy, highly effective tail. Its arms, in relation to the scale of its physique, have been tiny.T Rex’s head was extraordinarily giant and heavily-built; the biggest T. Rex cranium is 5 ft. / 1.52m in size.Previously, T rex was usually depicted standing upright, with the tail propping up the physique. By learning the dinosaur’s skeleton, paleontologists now know that the physique would usually have been held in a horizontal place, with the tail held off the bottom. The dinosaur’s appreciable weight would have been balanced over the hips.T rex skeleton within the right, horizontal physique posture.ClawsT Rex had two clawed fingers and a tiny, vestigial, claw-less third finger on every hand. Every foot had three principal claws, with a fourth, smaller, claw situated additional up the foot (like a canine’s dewclaw).TeethT. rex’s extremely highly effective jaws have been full of 54 to 60 lengthy, sharp tooth. T. rex’s tooth weren’t all the identical form; these on the entrance of the mouth have been constructed for chopping; these on the again have been constructed for energy.Again to web page indexT-Rex Chunk ForceT rex is estimated to have had the strongest chunk drive of any land animal, residing or extinct. One research (supply) discovered {that a} single T rex tooth positioned in the back of the jaw may exert a chunk drive of 35,000 to 57,000 Newtons… that’s over twice the chunk drive of a saltwater crocodile, which has the best chunk drive of any residing species.Paleontologists can inform that T rex’s jaw muscular tissues have been extraordinarily highly effective from the way in which they have been mounted to its cranium. The cranium and jaws too have been constructed for energy. T. rex would have been capable of crush bones–even the thick leg bones of different dinosaurs.As all the time, clues as to T Rex’s skills come from fossils; the stays of T Rex dung embody fragments of bones that have been swallowed together with the remainder of the prey.Fossilized animal droppings are often called “coprolites”.Fossilized skeletons of Triceratops and different prey dinosaurs have damaged bones that have been more likely to have been attributable to T. Rex bites.It’s thought that T. rex’s highly effective chunk allowed it to focus on giant prey, giving the dinosaur the sting over smaller, extra nimble predators. The species’ chunk drive elevated with age, which meant that juvenile T rex weren’t competing with adults for meals.T-rex was a fearsome predator with wonderful eyesight and intensely highly effective jaws.Again to web page indexT. Rex Senses and Diversifications for HuntingIt’s not simply the large tooth and robust chunk drive that inform paleontologists that T. rex was a predator. Different clues are forward-facing eyes (the eyes of Tyrannosaurus rex have been extra forward-facing than these of some other tyrannosaurid), and a head form that’s a lot wider on the again than on the entrance. Each of those would have elevated the dinosaur’s binocular imaginative and prescient.Binocular imaginative and prescient helps an animal choose distance – a helpful talent for a hunter.Not solely is T rex thought to have had wonderful eyesight, however from by the scale of its olfactory bulbs (the a part of the mind dedicated to scent), the dinosaur is believed to have had a superb sense of scent. Its acute senses would have helped T. Rex to find and stalk prey.T rex had a comparatively brief however versatile neck, permitting it to make fast adjustments in course with a view to seize fleeing prey.Again to web page indexTyrannosaurus rex is likely one of the largest land predators that ever lived.T Rex SizeT rex was 11.4 m to 13 m (37 to 43 ft.) in size, and weighed 5.4 to eight.87 (metric) tons / 5.95 to 9.77 brief tons. It stood round 3.96 m (13 ft) tall on the hips.A lot of Tyrannosaurus rex’s bones have been hole to cut back weight.T rex weighed greater than 5 Toyota Corollas, and, if it was round at present, would have the ability to peer into upstairs home windows with ease!“Scotty”, the biggest T rex specimen to have been found, had an estimated size of 13 meters / 43 ft, and an estimated most weight of 8.87 (metric) tonnes / 9.77 brief tons.“Sue”, the second-largest T rex specimen, had a most estimated size of 12.8 meters (42 ft), and an estimated weight of 8.462 (metric) tonnes / 9.33 brief tons.T rex might have been one of many largest land predators that ever lived, however it was considerably smaller than large sauropod dinosaurs equivalent to Brontosaurus and Argentinosaurus.T Rex SpeedT rex is believed to have had a most velocity of round 25 mph / 40.23 km/h, though estimates range: some paleontologists put the highest velocity of this large dinosaur nearer to 45 mph / 72.42 km/h; whereas others make it as little as 11 mph / 17.7 km/h.Provided that Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest-recorded human, has a high velocity of  27.79 mph / 44.72 km/h, and most of the people would battle to achieve 15 mph / 24.14 km/h, chances are you’ll need to suppose twice earlier than making an attempt to out run Tyrannosaurus rex!T. Rex Strolling SpeedStudies primarily based on trackways (fossilised T. rex tracks) counsel that the strolling velocity of T. rex was solely round 3 to five miles per hour (4.83 to eight.05 km/h).A 2021 research by Pasha A. Van Bijlert (supply), which appeared on the complete of T. rex‘s anatomy, together with its lengthy tail, concludes that the dinosaur’s strolling velocity was just below 3 mph / 4.83 km/h – that’s about the identical as a human.Again to web page indexDid T Rex Have Feathers?To today, no T rex specimens with feathers have been discovered. Regardless of the dearth of conclusive proof, some paleontologists imagine that T. Rex might have been not less than partially feathered, not less than when younger.Different paleontologists imagine that even a full-grown Tyrannosaurus Rex would have had feathers. Proof for a feathered T rex comes within the form of Yutyrannus, a Chinese language tyrannosauroid of the early Cretaceous, which did have feathers.Sinosauropteryx, a theropod from the early Cretaceous, can also be identified to have primitive feathers, suggesting that later theropods, together with T rex, would have had feathers too.Again to web page indexWhat Does Tyrannosaurus Rex Imply?The phrase “tyrannosaurus” means “tyrant lizard”, and “rex” means “king”, so collectively, Tyrannosaurus rex means “tyrant lizard king” / “king tyrant lizard”.T. Rex Vs Tyrannosaurus RexThe names T. rex and Tyrannosaurus rex each check with the identical dinosaur. In scientific writing, the primary a part of a species’ identify might be shortened to an preliminary (to save lots of pointless repetition). Due to this fact Tyrannosaurus rex is usually shortened to T. Rex.T. rex, T rex and T-rex are all abbreviated variations of the complete identify, Tyrannosaurus rex, and all check with the identical dinosaur.T. Rex Is A SpeciesTyrannosaurus rex is likely one of the few dinosaurs identified by its full, two-word species identify (Tyrannosaurus rex) fairly than by its generic identify (Tyrannosaurus). In different phrases, T. rex is an precise species, fairly than a grouping that would include a couple of species.On this manner, T. rex differs from dinosaurs equivalent to Spinosaurus and Triceratops, that are identified by simply their single-word, generic names.Though varied different species of genus Tyrannosaurus have been proposed, T. rex stays the one Tyrannosaurus species that’s broadly accepted.Observe: it’s customary to write down the names of species (e.g., Tyrannosaurus rex) and genera (e.g., Tyrannosaurus) in italics.Spinosaurus is a genus, fairly than a species, whereas Tyrannosaurus rex, or T. rex, is a species.You’ll find out extra about phrases equivalent to “genus” and “species” on this web page: Animal ClassificationSpinosaurus, like Tyrannosaurus rex, was a theropod dinosaur.What Kind Of Dinosaur Was T Rex?T Rex was a theropod dinosaur. Theropods are members of the clade Theropoda (a clade is an “evolutionary department” of animals). Nearly all of theropods have been predatory and bipedal (i.e., they walked on two legs).Different theropod dinosaurs embody Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, and Allosaurus.There are nonetheless theropods residing at present, within the form of birds. Birds advanced from dinosaurs, and at present most scientists take into account birds to be dinosaurs. (To distinguish birds from different dinosaurs, scientists usually name them “non-avian dinosaurs”.)Birds are the one dinosaurs to have survived the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Occasion that worn out T Rex and all the different non-avian dinosaurs.Like all theropod dinosaurs, T. rex was a saurischian (a member of the group Saurischia). Saurischia was considered one of two principal dinosaur branches, the opposite being Ornithischia.You’ll find out about theropoda, saurischia, and different kinds of dinosaur on these pages:T Rex FamilyT rex belongs to the household Tyrannosauridae, a bunch of therapod dinosaurs that lived throughout the Late Cretaceous Interval. The household incorporates between three and 13 genera; the precise quantity is consistently altering as new analysis turns into out there.The Tyrannosaur Household: Dinosaurs Associated To T RexOther family members Tyrannosauridae embody Lythronax, Daspletosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Albertosaurus and Tarbosaurus.Tarbosaurus was intently associated to T. rex.Of those, Tarbosaurus is taken into account to be the dinosaur most intently associated to T-rex. Some paleontologists imagine that this Asian Tyrannosaurid was an ancestor of T. rex.Again to web page indexWhen Did T. Rex Reside?T Rex lived from round 68 to 66 mya (million years in the past), throughout the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous epoch (the Cretaceous Interval is split into two epochs: the Early Cretaceous and the Late Cretaceous). The species lived proper as much as the Cretaceous–Paleogene Extinction Occasion that worn out the non-avian dinosaurs.The Cretaceous Interval was the third and ultimate interval of the Mesozoic Period. The Cretaceous–Paleogene Extinction Occasion marked the tip of the Mesozoic period and the start of the Cenozoic Period.Tyrannosaurus rex was one of many final residing dinosaurs.The place Did T Rex Reside?T Rex lived in Laramidia, an island continent that finally fashioned what’s now western North America.Though, on the time T rex was alive, the continents had begun to resemble their modern-day type, North America was nonetheless largely break up in two by a shallow inland sea often called the Western Inside Seaway.The Western Inside Seaway divided what’s now North America into two island continents: Laramidia within the west and Appalachia to the east.Over 50 T Rex specimens have been found. Many of those (together with the specimen from which T rex was first recognized) have been discovered within the Hell Creek Formation, a rock formation fashioned within the Late Cretaceous that covers components of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. T rex fossils have additionally been present in Canada.Again to web page indexWho Found T Rex?A number of partial T rex fossils had been discovered earlier than the dinosaur had been recognized, however it was American paleontologist Barnum Brown who found the 2 specimens that led to T rex being named and recognized as a brand new species.Brown found the primary of those T. rex fossils in Wyoming in 1900. Two years later, he discovered the subsequent, within the Hell Creek Formation at Montana.Who Named T Rex?Brown’s fossils made their technique to American paleontologist and then-president of the American Museum of Pure Historical past, Henry Fairfield Osborn.Osborn named the primary of Brown’s fossils Dynamosaurus imperiosus and the second Tyrannosaurus rex, in 1905. The next 12 months, he realized that each fossils have been of the identical species, and retained his most well-liked identify, Tyrannosaurus rex.Again to web page indexHow Many T Rex Have Ever Lived On Earth?T. rex was an apex predator, and by observing fashionable animals we all know that an ecosystem can typically help solely a restricted variety of apex predators.So what number of T. rex lived at one time, and what number of T. rex ever lived?These are questions paleontologist Dr Charles R. Marshall and his workforce got down to reply in a latest research. (Supply)Damuth’s regulation states that there’s an inverse relationship between physique measurement and inhabitants density in residing animals. Utilizing this regulation, and by evaluating T rex‘s probably metabolism with that of residing animals (sooner than a Komodo dragon, however slower than a predatory mammal), Marshall et al have been capable of provide you with probably estimates of T rex inhabitants measurement.They discovered that round 20,000 T. rex lived at anybody time, and that the overall variety of T rex that ever lived was round 2.5 billion. Their analysis additionally revealed that just one in each 80 million T. rex that ever existed has been discovered as a fossil, however that this quantity will increase to 1 in each 16,000 T rex in areas the place the dinosaur was considerable.Again to web page indexT. rex Skeleton FossilsSince the holotype specimen (i.e. the specimen from which the species was named) was found by Barnum Brown, quite a few different T. rex fossils, together with a number of almost-complete skeletons, have been discovered.Close to-complete (70% or extra) T. rex skeletons embody: “Sue”, found in South Dakota in 1990; “Scotty”, found in Saskatchewan in 1991; “Thomas”, found in Montana in 2003; and “Trix”, found in Montana in 2013.Again to web page indexWhat Did T Rex Eat?T. rex preyed on a wide range of dinosaurs and different animals present in western North America within the late Cretaceous Interval.Edmontosaurus, Triceratops, Leptoceratops, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus and smaller theropods equivalent to Ornithomimus and Struthiomimus are all identified to stay alongside T rex and all have been more likely to have been on the menu for the massive predator.T. rex approaching an AlamosaurusWas T Rex A Cannibal?Some T Rex specimens have chunk marks that appear to have been made by different T Rex. This will have been attributable to preventing to ascertain dominance, cannibalism, or scavenging.How Did T Rex Hunt?Tyrannosaurus Rex in all probability used brief bursts of velocity to seize its prey; it was too heavy to pursue different dinosaurs over lengthy distances.Though T Rex in all probability hunted its personal meals, it’s probably that scavenged meals additionally made up not less than a part of its weight loss program. T Rex had a wonderful sense of scent, which to many scientists means that scavenging was really T Rex’s principal technique of discovering meals.Nonetheless, T rex additionally had wonderful imaginative and prescient, which helps the assumption that T rex was primarily a hunter fairly than a scavenger; scavengers typically don’t want highly-developed imaginative and prescient.Different scientists imagine that T Rex’s mind was giant sufficient for it to have the ability to hunt in packs (you might want to be sensible to work as a workforce).Again to web page indexWhat Did T Rex Use Its Arms For?T Rex’s arms, which have been round one fifth of the size of its legs, appear to be too small to have served any helpful function. Nonetheless, the quantity of muscle connected to the arm bones counsel that the arms, though brief, have been robust, and possibly did have a perform.There are a number of theories as to what T Rex’s arms have been used for, together with: holding prey near the jaws when consuming, and serving to T Rex to stand up from the bottom.One factor T rex couldn’t do with its arms was use them to cross meals to its mouth; they have been too brief.Again to web page indexT. Rex In Jurassic Park (Spoilers Alert!)Within the Jurassic Park (and subsequent Jurassic World) film franchise, T. rex is likely one of the principal (non-human) antagonists. Nonetheless, the dinosaur additionally serves as a kind of “antihero”, making a number of plot-twisting interventions that guarantee a cheerful ending for the movies’ human protagonists.One of the crucial well-known Jurassic Park scenes that includes T. rex is on the climax of the ill-fated automobile tour of the park. Earlier than the tyrannosaur finally strikes, its footsteps are seen making ripples in glasses of water.Within the movie’s sequel, “The Misplaced World: Jurassic Park”, an escaped T. rex rampages by San Diego. Though T. rex involves a sticky finish by the hands (and tooth) of Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park III, the dinosaur is again saving the day (with the assistance of Velociraptors and a Mosasaurus) on the climax of Jurassic World!Again to web page indexTop Ten T-Rex FactsTyrannosaurus rex means ‘King Tyrant Lizard’. The identify Tyrannosaurus rex is usually abbreviated to ‘T. Rex’.T. Rex lived in western North America, which at the moment was an island continent often called Laramidia.Tyrannosaurus rex lived within the Late Cretaceous Interval, round 68 to 66 million years in the past.T Rex might have lived proper as much as the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction occasion that worn out all the non-avian dinosaurs.T rex was 11.4 m to 13 m (37 to 43 ft.) in size. It stood round 3.96 m / 13 ft. tall on the hips.T Rex weighed 5.4 to eight.87 (metric) tons / 5.95 to 9.77 brief tons.T Rex had between 54 and 60 lengthy, sharp tooth. The biggest T Rex tooth discovered is over 30 cm / 12 in. lengthy (together with the foundation)Some paleontologists imagine that T Rex might have had feathers, which had appeared in different, earlier theropod dinosaurs.A lot of the proof factors in the direction of T Rex being a hunter, however some paleontologists suppose that it will have discovered most of its meals by scavenging.The arms of T. rex have been one fifth the size of its legs and have been too brief to hold meals to the mouth.Again to web page indexDiscover Extra With Energetic Wild

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