Chicken Ringing – Why I Ring the Owls in my Yorkshire Backyard

Chicken ringing helps conservationists and scientists perceive modifications in chook populations. It additionally helps me monitor my owl fostering programme. Some folks fear concerning the ethics of catching wild birds to place ID rings on their legs, however it’s invaluable to conservation work like mine.
Ringing owls in my backyard
Each time potential, the owl chicks in my backyard get BTO chook identification rings. Scroll all the way down to additionally watch as barn owl chicks, Nutmeg & Thyme, and tawny owl infants Bramble & Sage get their rings and see for your self how little they have been disturbed throughout the course of. Additionally, discover out why a hoop positioned on these chicks father, Finn, proved that my owl foster programme is working.

What’s chook ringing?
Chicken rings are steel tags with distinctive numbers engraved into them that determine the chook they’re clipped to. The reference code inscribed on every ring permits that exact chook to be uniquely recognized whether it is caught once more sooner or later. I’ve surveillance cameras put in all through my backyard which imply I can even zoom in on a hoop and skim the quantity with out disturbing the chook once more.
Why are barn owls rung?
Barn owls are a protected species right here within the UK. The place potential particular person birds are tagged to allow them to be monitored all through their lives. That is vital for understanding inhabitants actions and declines. When a chook is rung the chook ringer additionally data its species, age, intercourse, wing size and weight. 
Who can ring a barn owl
Chicken ringing is strictly monitored by the British Belief for Ornithology (BTO) and solely registered BTO ringers are permitted to ring birds. Jean Thorpe of Ryedale Rehabilitation is a educated chook ringer and he or she often visits to ring the owls right here at Fotherdale.
How do consultants ring barn owls?
A certified BTO chook ringer clips a small band, with the distinctive ID variety of a chook, onto one owl leg. The chook can be weighed and its intercourse and placement recorded. The ringer works shortly to minimise disturbance and the ring will match the chook for the remainder of its life. It took Jean and myself simply 10 minutes from the second I caught the owlets to putting them again of their nest. 

Nutmeg has now fledged. She wears a BTO identification ring on her proper leg
Do chook rings damage?
It may be alarming to see birds rung, however when achieved accurately it has little impact on the birds and it means these particular person owls could be tracked all through their lifetime.
When are barn owls rung?
Nutmeg and Thyme are eight weeks outdated and are but to fledge the nest. At this age owls are much less depending on the grownup birds and are left alone within the nest for longer intervals of time. This is a perfect time to ring a chook.
My chook cams make it straightforward
My nest cams imply I’ve the benefit of with the ability to see contained in the nest so I do know when the dad or mum birds are away and might select a time to make sure I don’t disturb the owl household once I take the chicks out of the nest to ring them.
Nutmeg & Thyme
Ringing provides me the chance to confirm the sexes of birds. The sparkles on Nutmeg’s wings affirm she is a feminine. She is three days older than Thyme, however he’s a heavier chook, at 400gs to her 385g. That is uncommon since Thyme youthful and females are usually heavier. Thyme can be fairly a late developer and has but to develop his grownup feathers. Extra on the story of those barn owl chicks right here.
How I take advantage of chook rings to observe fostered owls
Nutmeg & Thyme’s father, a barn owl named Finn, is an owl I rehabilitated in my backyard. He was discovered as a chick and handed to Ryedale Rehabilitation after which on to me for launch. I positioned him in a wild nest right here within the backyard for wild owls to boost him. I recognized him by way of his ring when he returned right here as an grownup and realized that my fostering programme works.
Watch barn owlets being rung
This brief movie follows the method of owl ringing as barn owlets Nutmeg & Thyme are given their ID rings.

Watch tawny owlets get their ID tags
On this video tawny owlets Bramble & Sage are tremendous affected person as their ID rings are clipped on and they’re given a well being test on the similar time. 

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