Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Information & Footage: The Horned Jurassic Predator

Ceratosaurus info and photos. Uncover a mid-sized, predatory, horned dinosaur of the Jurassic Interval.Web page IndexCeratosaurus Fast FactsType species: Ceratosaurus nasicornisType of dinosaur: Saurischian, theropodFamily: CeratosauridaeMeaning of identify: Horned lizardLived: 161.2 to 145 MyaPeriod: Late JurassicWhere discovered: USALength: 7 m / 23 ft.Weight: 710 kg / 1,565 lb.Life-style / habits: CarnivoreDistinguishing options: Nostril horn, lengthy enamel, row of bony plates on again.What Is Ceratosaurus?Ceratosaurus was a genus of mid-sized, predatory dinosaur that lived in North America within the Late Jurassic. Unconfirmed Ceratosaurus fossils have additionally been present in Africa and Europe. Quite a lot of options distinguish Ceratosaurus from different theropods. These embody very lengthy enamel, a row of bony plates working alongside its again, and, most famously, a horn on its nostril and one other above every eye.Ceratosaurus, a theropod with horns.What Did Ceratosaurus Look Like?Ceratosaurus had a typical theropod physique form, with lengthy hind legs, brief forelimbs, and physique held in a horizontal posture, with a protracted tail balancing the big head.The enamel of Ceratosaurus have been very lengthy, notably these of the higher jaw, which have been 7 to 9.3 cm / 2.76 to three.67 in. in size, not together with the foundation. The enamel have been curved, with serrated edges.Every of Ceratosaurus’ palms had 4 fingers. This distinguishes Ceratosaurus from most different theropods (which generally have three fingers), and is a characteristic extra typically seen on early theropods, resembling Eoraptor.Ceratosaurus had three clawed toes on every foot, and one other, smaller claw positioned additional up the leg and pointing to the rear (just like a canine’s dewclaw).Working alongside the again and tail of Ceratosaurus was a row of bony plates (scutes), a characteristic not recognized in different theropods. These plates might have been used as show (for instance to show the dinosaur’s health to potential mates), or as a method of controlling physique temperature.Ceratosaurus HornOne facet of Ceratosaurus’ look that distinguishes it from most different theropods is the horn on its nostril and the horn-like ridges above its eyes.The horns are unlikely to have been used for searching prey, however might have been used as weapons in opposition to rival Ceratosaurus in fights to determine dominance.Ceratosaurus cranium, exhibiting stays of horns on the nostril and above every eye.Alternatively, Ceratosaurus’ horns might have been used solely for show – for instance, as a method of promoting a person’s health to potential mates. If that is so, paleontologists counsel that the horns might have been brightly-colored.Ceratosaurus NameCeratosaurus means “Horned lizard”, the identify referring to the dinosaur’s horns.Ceratosaurus SizeCeratosaurus was a mid-sized predator that ranged in dimension from 5.3 to 7 m / 17.39 to 22.97 toes. It was round 1.8 m / 5.91 ft. tall on the hips.Estimates of Ceratosaurus’ weight vary from round 275 kg / 606.27 lb. to round 980 kg / 2,160 lb.When Did Ceratosaurus Dwell?Ceratosaurus lived from round 161.2 to 145 million years in the past, in the course of the Oxfordian and Tithonian ages of the Late Jurassic epoch.Confused by phrases resembling “age” and “epoch”? Take a look at our information to the geologic timescale: Geologic Timescale ExplainedWhat Dinosaurs Did Ceratosaurus Dwell With?Ceratosaurus shared its habitat with Allosaurus and Torvosaurus, each of which have been bigger predators.Allosaurus lived on the identical time, and in the identical space, as Ceratosaurus.Ceratosaurus was closely outnumbered by Allosaurus in areas the place each dinosaurs have been current. Paleontologists assume every dinosaur would have specialised in a selected kind of prey or habitat to attenuate competitors.There’s proof to counsel that Ceratosaurus specialised in aquatic prey, resembling fish and turtles. Its lengthy, deep tail might have been an adaptation for swimming, and Ceratosaurus fossils are sometimes present in areas during which water was current.The place Did Ceratosaurus Dwell?Ceratosaurus lived in what’s now North America. Fossils present in Europe, South America and Africa have additionally been attributed to Ceratosaurus, however their validity just isn’t confirmed.Ceratosaurus Fossil LocationsThe first Ceratosaurus fossil was found by farmer Marshall Parker Felch in rocks of the Morrison Formation in Colorado. The specimen was recognized and named American paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh.The Morrison Formation is a layer of sedimentary rock fashioned within the Late Jurassic located in elements of Wyoming, Colorado, and surrounding states. It’s the web site of many vital fossil finds.Ceratosaurus is a comparatively uncommon dinosaur, with solely a handful of fossils having been discovered because the genus was found. Most, if not all, have been found in numerous areas throughout the Morrison Formation in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.Fossils from Portugal and Switzerland in Europe, Uruguay in South America, and Tanzania in Africa have additionally been recognized as belonging to Ceratosaurus, though these are unconfirmed.What Kind Of Dinosaur Was Ceratosaurus?Ceratosaurus was a theropod dinosaur, and like all theropods was a saurischian. (Saurischia is likely one of the main dinosaur teams.)Ceratosaurus belongs to the household Ceratosauridae, together with Genyodectes, one other North American dinosaur from the Jurassic Interval.Ceratosaurus In Jurassic ParkCeratosaurus makes a fleeting look in Jurassic Park III. The dinosaur confronts paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (performed by Sam Neill) after he and different members of his occasion have been trying to find a cellphone in a big pile of Spinosaurus dung. The Ceratosaurus takes one take a look at the dung-covered people and decides to depart them alone!You’ll be able to see the clip beneath:Ceratosaurus Information: Uncover Extra

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