Can Cats Eat Catnip? The Do’s and Don’ts of Catnip

Whereas many feline dad and mom are conversant in catnip, you’ve most likely requested your self, can cats eat catnip? Is it secure for my cat? Is it attainable to offer an excessive amount of to my cat? If you happen to’re considering of giving your cat some catnip, it may be useful to grasp precisely what it’s and the way it can have an effect on your cat.

How catnip works

Catnip is the extra frequent identify of the herb Nepeta cataria. This herb is a member of the mint household and accommodates an oil often known as nepetalactone. Nepetalactone oil produces a chemical response in a cat’s mind when inhaled or ingested. This will trigger completely different reactions amongst cats. It’s possible you’ll discover your cat turns into very mellow and quiet. It’s additionally attainable to your cat to develop into very excited and playful, probably even aggressive. 

It’s vital to notice that catnip could solely work in 50-70% of cats. Because of this roughly 30-50% of cats could not have a response to catnip in any respect. This might be a results of genetic components. You’ll possible know whether or not your cat reacts to catnip by the point they’re 3-6 months outdated.    

Well being advantages of catnip

Catnip might be good for cats. Some well being advantages of your cat utilizing catnip embody lowering stress and permitting your cat to chill out. In case your cat reacts to catnip in a playful method, then catnip might be helpful in encouraging play and exercise. It may also be used to assist scale back pores and skin irritations amongst cats. 

One other good thing about utilizing catnip is that almost all pests hate the scent of catnip, and subsequently, it may be used to maintain mosquitos away.  

What occurs to the mind after chewing catnip

When your cat smells or ingests catnip, it binds to sure receptors in your cat’s nostril and mouth, which in flip ship messages to your cat’s mind. It’s thought that catnip can imitate elevated hormones in felines and, subsequently, trigger your cat to behave as if they’re in warmth. This impact might be seen in each female and male cats. 

Most cats will begin to present the results of catnip throughout the first 10-Quarter-hour of inhaling or ingesting it. These results can final for roughly 10-Half-hour earlier than they start to put on off. As soon as the results have worn off, your cat could not react to catnip once more for a few hours. 

How a lot catnip must you give a cat?

An vital query to ask is simply how a lot catnip must you give a cat? Whereas catnip is secure and unhazardous, it doesn’t damage to seek the advice of along with your veterinarian earlier than introducing your cat to catnip for the primary time. As with something, an excessive amount of of a superb factor can develop into a nasty factor. 

So is catnip unhealthy for cats? The reply is not any. Nonetheless, whereas catnip won’t hurt your cat, it may trigger an upset abdomen if an excessive amount of is ingested directly. It could be helpful to start out with small quantities to see how your cat will reply.

Do’s and don’ts of catnip

There are numerous do’s and dont’s of utilizing catnip. When utilizing catnip along with your cat, you will need to keep in mind these useful hints to maintain your cat secure.   

Do: Give a small quantity

You must at all times begin out with a small quantity of catnip when first introducing it to your cat. If you happen to aren’t certain precisely how a lot to start with, you’ll be able to at all times seek the advice of your veterinarian for a really helpful quantity. An excessive amount of catnip may cause vomiting or diarrhea in your cat. Subsequently, it is best to begin small till you understand how it’ll have an effect on your cat. 

Do: Preserve catnip in a secure place

Everyone knows cats can climb absolutely anything. You will need to preserve catnip in a secure place that your cat can’t get to. Most cats will cease ingesting catnip once they’ve had their fill; nevertheless, you’ll be able to’t at all times belief your cat to know when to cease. We all know an excessive amount of may cause an upset abdomen, so protecting catnip in an space that your cat can’t simply entry will assist forestall them from overindulging.   

Do: Give catnip to a cat that likes it

As at all times, it is best to monitor your cat after getting determined to introduce them to catnip. You need gauge their conduct to make certain that they get pleasure from it. In case your cat seems to be having fun with themselves, then proceed utilizing catnip. Nonetheless, in case your cat turns into aggressive or begins performing in a damaging method, then you might wish to keep away from catnip and take a look at discovering another.

Do: Use catnip to encourage play

A method to your cat to get pleasure from utilizing catnip is to encourage play. You possibly can strive introducing merchandise equivalent to interactive toys or climbing towers—for instance, this rechargeable laser pointer or the cat pyramid by Whisker. These may help your cat burn off that additional power and supply them with the area wanted to chill out and play.  

Don’t: Ingest giant quantities

As talked about above, an excessive amount of of a superb factor can in actual fact develop into a nasty factor. Ingesting an excessive amount of catnip may cause vomiting and diarrhea in your cat. Your cat will possible have a bout of illness after which get well advantageous. But when signs persist, it is best to contact your veterinarian. Utilizing the Litter-Robotic 3 Join may help you to observe your cat’s litter field utilization by way of the app, permitting you to determine any irregularities associated to toilet habits. 

Don’t: Preserve contemporary catnip round on a regular basis

There are several types of catnip that can be utilized, equivalent to contemporary, dried, or sprayed. Some cats want dried catnip to contemporary. In case you have contemporary catnip, you might ask your self, can cats eat catnip leaves? Whereas it’s secure to eat catnip leaves, it is best to make sure to monitor your plant to verify your cat is just not consuming an excessive amount of. Contemporary catnip is regarded as simpler in your cat’s mouth. Nonetheless, it’s a reside plant and would require some repairs. 

Don’t: Give catnip to cats that react aggressively to it

Some cats can react aggressively to catnip, notably if these cats are on the aggressive aspect to start with. As at all times, monitor your cat when introducing catnip to verify their conduct is pleasurable and never exacerbating. 

Don’t: Give catnip too typically

Catnip must be given as a deal with, ideally a couple of occasions per week. If you happen to begin giving your cat an excessive amount of catnip, it may start to construct up of their system and trigger their tolerance to extend. This may result in minimal results.

Finest catnip alternate options

If you happen to discover that your cat doesn’t react favorably, or in any respect, to catnip, you’ll be able to strive an alternative choice to see how they’ll react. Some alternate options to catnip embody:

Silver vine: This plant is native to China and Japan and accommodates related chemical compounds to nepetalactone, which is present in catnip. Silver vine could trigger a response in cats that don’t react to catnip.Valerian root: This plant might be stimulating or used to calm your cat if they’re experiencing anxiousness.

Is catnip secure?

So, can cats eat catnip? Now you understand that catnip is secure and unhazardous. Total it causes a constructive behavioral affect in most cats. In fact, it’s attainable to your cat to react in a damaging method. It’s at all times vital to observe your cat when introducing catnip to verify it’s one thing they’ll get pleasure from. In the event that they don’t get pleasure from it, there are different alternate options you’ll be able to strive! 

It’s also vital that your cat has an area to chill out and/or play when giving them catnip. Introducing cat cabinets or a cat tower, equivalent to these obtainable by Whisker, might be an effective way to offer your cat their very own areas to get pleasure from catnip.

Can catnip be used to vary a cat’s consuming conduct? Whereas catnip is much less more likely to have an effect on a cat’s consuming conduct, it’s attainable for it to trigger a lower in urge for food because of its mellowing impact. It’s vital to ensure you are usually not giving your cat an excessive amount of catnip directly, because it may trigger an upset abdomen. Can cats get hooked on catnip, particularly after consuming a big quantity? Science reveals that catnip is just not addictive. Nonetheless, ingesting an excessive amount of catnip may cause vomiting and diarrhea.


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