Barn Owl Pair Search For Good Nest

When lonely male barn owl Ghost met Willow, a feminine, it appeared like the proper match! However when their would-be dwelling was taken by kestrels, the pair needed to search elsewhere for one of the best spot to nest.

Owl love at first sight
Ghost, a younger male barn owl took up residence in my Sycamore Stump nest field within the depth of winter. He appeared comfy right here, however to be full, he wanted a mate. So, when Willow, a younger feminine appeared, it gave the impression to be the proper match. However simply as their romance started to blossom, the pair acquired some undesirable consideration…
Battle for nest
The kestrel pair that additionally reside in my backyard, often called Mr and Mrs Kes, had plans for this spot for themselves. After a few weeks of intimidation, Ghost conceded the nest… it simply wasn’t well worth the struggle. However to maintain Willow, Ghost wanted to discover a new place… and at first the close by barn owl tower appeared a great choice.
A brand new begin
My cameras captured Ghost heading into this nest field to test it out. After a go searching, he determined this can be simply the spot… however he nonetheless needed to persuade Willow! I watched him name her inside and the pair started to court docket.
Willow rejects the nest field
Nevertheless, while Willow appeared to love Ghost, she simply wasn’t satisfied by his alternative of nest website. She appeared to have her coronary heart set on the Sycamore Stump nest, and headed again over for an additional look. However by this time, the nest was occupied!

Barn owl vs kestrel
Inside, Willow stumbled upon the feminine kestrel who fiercely defended a clutch of eggs and two tiny chicks! After the scuffle, Willow retreated… however she’s wasn’t gong to surrender and not using a struggle. Twenty minutes later, she returned to the kestrel nest. However the kestrel had a younger household to guard and would struggle to the demise if wanted. Defeated, Willow retreated to the feeding submit to chill off… solely to be hit by a passing barn owl! Watch the story from the kestrel’s perspective beneath? 
House enhancements
The barn owl tower gave the impression to be one of the best spot for these owls, however Willow nonetheless wasn’t satisfied. So, I acquired out my instruments and started to make some enhancements to the nest. Willow and Ghost appeared happy and took up residence inside. Watch the story beneath: 
Lastly, the house they at all times needed 
However regardless of loads of love-making, Willow didn’t lay eggs within the barn owl tower. The truth is, it wasn’t till autumn, that she lastly laid her first clutch – again within the Sycamore Stump! It’s nearly as if this barn owl pair simply bided their time within the barn owl tower, ready for the kestrel chicks to develop up and depart dwelling, in order that they might have the nest they at all times needed. Willow is now caring for 3 chicks and I’ve been following their improvement daily. Click on on the hyperlink beneath to observe these barn owl chicks as they hit every developmental milestone. 

Three of those chicks are nonetheless contained in the Sycamore Stump nest. Click on right here to look at them now

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